Use Your Business Card Scanner And Export To Excel

Use a good business card reading software to use your business card scanner and export to excel the scanned information. You must choose a software that has very accurate OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities. This will ensure that your cards are read and turned into data on your computer with minimal processing errors. Some of the better softwares are programmed to learn as you use them and hence they will start recognizing patterns and make fewer mistakes as they go along.

You can scan cards for data with a business card scanner, export to excel afterwards with a small step. Find a OCR software that reads scanned documents and also has the capability to export the collected data into an excel format file. This is usually a CSV or a comma separated value file that contains all you scanned data in a format that MS excel can read. Now go to excel and import the file in to your work.

So you can continue using excel’s powerful features for creating accurate and useful spreadsheets but get rid of the daily drudgery of entering your data by hand from printed documents. Get a business card scanner and export to excel easily with the advanced export features of card scanning softwares.

Go to your favorite online store and search for names like CardScan, Neat, IrisCard etc. because these scanners come with softwares that offer its users the facility to export to MS Excel. You may need to search for a step-by-step guide for exporting to excel on your software but most of the major manufacturers and developers do offer this option.