Dan Brown to release the next book after “Da Vinci Code”.

Random House is to release the book that follows after the adventures of Symbologist Robert Langdon in Dan Brown’s international bestseller – “Da Vinci Code”. The release date, for this book called “The Lost Symbol” is September 15 and it will release in the US, Canada and Britain on that date.
This fictional tale of “Da Vinci Code”, that involves the conspiracy surrounding the Catholic Church, upset the Vatican and some of the Catholics in a major way. The book sold over 70 million copies worldwide and topped the international best-seller charts everywhere, since it was first released in the year 2003.
“The Lost Symbol” will be printed a record 5 million copies in the first run, making it a record first print for Random House. The mystery-solving symbologist Robert Langdon makes a come back in this book.
Brown said that the book had been a wonderful journey for him and it was also challenging for him to compress 5 years of research into the 12-hour time frame within which the new story happens. He joked and said that his life clearly moved at a slower pace than his fictional character’s life.
He couldn’t be made to produce any more details of the book. It will be published by Random House (part of Bertelsmann AG) imprints Doubleday in the US and Transworld in the UK.
“Da Vinci Code” was adapted in 2006 in to film and Tom Hanks played the role of Robert Langdon. The novel “Angel and Demons” has been adapted into film, which will be released this May and Tom Hanks again plays Langdon in the movie.