The Best Business Card Scanner

The best business card scanner that suits your needs perfectly will be easier to find if you know exactly what you want. Look at all the market leaders like Fujitsu, CardScan, Neat, etc. and you can decide which one you want by looking at their specifications and pricing.

These scanners come in mainly two different avatars – the portable and the desktop. For business executives who are always on the move, a portable scanner is the best option. These scanners are most often amazingly slim and small. Some also boast about being the size of a pen! Since most business executives are always on the move, the best business card scanner is a portable one that gets the job done without a hitch.

While buying a business card scanner, keep in mind that many of them allow you to scan more than just business cards. Depending on their size, they can digitize the data on receipts, identity cards, passports, and even photos can be digitized. It all depends on the kind of software that you are using. Most of the softwares are focused on categorizing and storing your business related data but some allow you to do other things as well like storing photographs.

The decision on the best business card scanner for your needs should depend on the image quality of the scanner, its build quality, how easily you can contact after-sales services, the bundle (if you opt for one) and the price. If you need software as well, look around for good combo deals.