Christian Social networks

Here we look at the most popular Christian social networking sites. we look at first. This is one of the most popular Christian social networks online and is related to recently bought out both. Xianz focuses primarily on being a MySpace or Facebook replacement for Christians. It also has social media features where by you can share videos, music and a lot more. It is professionally built and maintained and has a large number of members. is a unique site that allows people to build their own communities centered on the church that they attend. It has a user driven community model where members can safely commune with other people who go to the same church. is another popular site amongst Christian social networks. It has a lot of features that are similar to MySpace and has clean interface that makes it easier to use. It has features like blogs, online photo albums and music players. It is also quite fast and is geared mainly towards the younger crowd but is not restricted to them. is a rich social media and social networking site all built in to one. It lets users upload their videos and music, has its own forum and even has online games. It also has a feature where visitors and members can search the bible for terms. Everything is free to use and videos, music, the games, the bible are all accessible even by non-members.

These are only some of the great Christian social networks out there. Go online and explore all the networks for yourself and see which one you like the best.