Latest technology: Accessories

After all the main gadget purchases have been made, you are likely to start looking for more gadgets that go with your purchases. These smaller gadgets work as add-ons to your brand new tech-toys and give extra functionality or just a wow-factor to your primary gadgets.

There is an overflow of accessories that are available for mobile phones. Most of these are headsets and various power adapters and portable chargers. The chargers are useful when you run out of battery juice in an outdoor situation. You can actually get a solar charge for charging all your power hungry little gadgets. The headsets very in form and style, you will even get headsets attached to sunglasses that are just superb to look at.

There’s even a Bluetooth handset that looks like an obsolete, retro telephone handset! The number of accessories increases when it comes to laptops. There are myriad collections of accessories for laptops that range from the funny to the bizarre. Of course most of them are useful in some way or the other. The best are the USB devices like mini fans; laptop lights that are often converged into creatively shaped devices.

There are USB hubs that look like little men and others that look like an anemone that is sprouting USB ports, fans and lights. There are also portable speakers for laptops and they come in various different styles and shapes.

The most varied accessory is the USB stick drive or thumb drive because it appears in absolutely creative avatars that are sometimes very funny or cool to look at. There are ones with wooden casing, with casing studded with precious stones, ones that look like a pendant and even this one ingenious design that looks like torn USB cable! There is this one fantastic product that is basically a rechargeable battery that can be charged via USB; the top comes off to reveal a USB jack.

There are also portable heatsinks for laptops that tend to heat up a lot. And there are special power adapters that can fit into almost any laptop with the provided attachments. There are portable USB webcam solutions for laptops.  Laptops also have USB portable storages and drive bays, which you can use to simply plug extra hard drives in and access them via your laptop. There are also several USB keyboards that are just dedicated to doing everything that your limited laptop keyboard cannot do and this includes special functions for gaming.

The iPod and iPhone have their own share of accessories. They range from add on microphones to various docks that are attached to speakers. Sometimes the accessories will cost more than the iPod itself, but if you appreciate quality and do not care about the price tag; you might try looking at some of the high-end options in this segment. The iPhone has various accessories that let you take pictures, capture audio, etc.

As it is apparent from this article that there are endless possibilities when it comes to accessories, especially because new ones are coming out almost everyday.