Scan Business Card To QuickBooks

QuickBooks by Intuit software is a very popular accounting software that is commonly used by small and intermediate sized businesses. Its popularity has caused many of the business card scanning softwares to offer the feature that enables you to scan business card to QuickBooks.

This feature has become common in card scanning softwares, on both PC and Mac platforms. There are also popular online financial data management services that allow you to export to your data in QuickBooks format. The advantages of being able to scan business card to QuickBooks format are many.

With this feature you get to keep your book keeping completely smooth with QuickBooks and you can use your business card scanner to automatically enter vital data from receipts and bills in to QuickBooks.

This is really a very handy feature to have for those who rely heavily on printed receipts and invoices that are crucial to their accounting. Just take your pick from the various softwares available on the market or the online services and use them to import your data into your QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks premier, it is that simple.

So, to scan business card to QuickBooks, you need a good business card scanner (or other scanner) and an accurate OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software that reads the data from the scanned image. The software must support exporting or saving data to the QuickBooks native format. Hence with the right business card scanner and software combination, managing your financial documents with QuickBooks becomes a cinch.