Sleeper BCS College Football Teams

If you are new to the world of football and betting, you might be curious about the term ‘sleeper’ that is thrown around before every season. Discussions about the potential sleeper team might even go on well in to the season. So what are these sleeper teams and why are they named that way?
First of all, no one fixes a sleeper team and it is not an official title that a team can achieve. It is an unofficial title given to a team that suddenly becomes a contender in the championship game or similar.

If the team was a favorite from the beginning, it is not the sleeper team. Only a team that has been thoroughly neglected throughout the pre-season roundups and hasn’t ranked well enough to be noticed can become the sleeper team.

The term ‘sleeper’ comes from the fact that these surprise performers start playing well all of a sudden. So essentially they take everyone by surprise. The main factor here is that no one expected the team to be anywhere near the title-deciding match and suddenly they end up playing it. That is the mark of a sleeper team. They seem to have suddenly woken up from slumber.
There are a good many reasons behind having so many talks about the sleeper team. Everyone tries to guess who the winning team is going to be. Whilst we all like surprises there some who don’t. These are the people who are wagering money on the teams.

When it comes to college football, spreads are already quite haywire because of the huge talent gaps between the teams. A few teams will always be marked as strong contenders and the rest will simply be ignored. However, if there is a sleeper team in there, things get very interesting indeed.
Imagine betting on the favorite and everything going fine until this sleeper team comes out of nowhere and makes off with the title. You lose all that money and it all seems like sheer bad luck. Analysts would beg to differ though.

To them (the analysts), it is all about the statistics and variables. The sleeper team was on the rise and no one noticed because everybody was busy focusing on the favorites. Remember, sleepers become sleepers because no ones really paying any attention to them till they suddenly break lose.
Now imagine betting on a team that turns out to be a sleeper and wins unexpectedly. There is some serious money to be made there. This is why analysts have given in to giving their selections for the sleeper team before each season. However, everyone picks four or five teams for this. So you can’t be too sure that way either.

This is where your understanding of football and continuous screening of information comes in. The ignored teams are ignored for a good reason. So if you think of betting on them, make sure you know what you are doing.

Always remember – never bet money that you can’t afford to lose.