Business Card Scanner Comparison

This is a business card scanner comparison between IRISCard Pro, CardScan and Neat business cards scanners and their respective softwares.

The IRISCard pro software gives you the option to use your own flatbed scanner to scan up to 10 business cards at a time. CardScan too gives you the option of using any scanner that you may have and on top of that, CardScan’s focus is on the actual contact management system. Thus providing you with an advanced database software that automatically files your contacts and retrieves them on demand.

Neat scanners also come bundled with a Digital Filing system that sorts your data into various categories like business cards, receipts etc. All three support the Mac Platform in addition to Windows.

On the hardware front, Neat gives you options between mobile scanners and a desktop scanner. The desktop scanner can handle pretty much anything and has robust build. CardScan has small, mobile scanners that are very compact and imminently portable. IrisCard provides a small pen scanner, a slim mobile scanner and a business card scanner that is also small in dimensions.

So regarding the actual physical scanner, this business card scanner comparison finds that CardScan does not have variety but has quality, Neat has two very potent products and IRIS has the most variety for a buyer.

No verdicts here because this business card scanner comparison article is meant to help you find a scanner that is best for your unique needs. According to popularity though, Neat and CardScan are higher up than IRISCard Pro. CardScan also has a free online service for its customers.