Cheap Embossed Business Cards

Embossed business cards are an expensive affair. But if you follow this article, you will be able to get it done at the lowest cost possible. Getting cheap embossed business cards is easy once you know what increases the cost of these cards.

Embossed cards require a unique die for each individual design. Think of this as an expensive logo stamp, you have to make a new one for every new design. So, it is better to emboss things like company logos, which will not change anytime soon. This will ensure that the die that is made for your card can be reused.

Furthermore, to get cheap embossed business cards, you have to choose a paper that is not very expensive. Choose a strong but simple card stock and try to buy it in bulk by yourself. Buying it yourself makes sure that there are no intermediate costs. Then deliver this to the printers, along with the design to be printed.

Another way to buy cheap embossed business cards is to look online for cheap deals. There are many ways to emboss paper and some techniques are cheaper than others. Get out some information on these techniques and find out which one works out cheaper. There are also online DIY guides for making your own embossed cards.

The last option you have is the obvious one – order in bulk. The larger your order is, the lower you costs will be. Every legitimate printer will happily give you a sample. Make sure to get the sample from printers before you decide to order from them.