Neat Business Card Scanner

Scanning business cards accurately and organizing them properly is a major need for many large and small business outfits. It helps them keep track of their contacts, payments, receipts and such things. Their need for a good business card scanner is undeniable. This is why every Neat business card scanner is made with the needs of typical businesses and executives in mind.

These efficient systems come in portable and desktop variations and have a lot to offer in terms of speed and accuracy. They are bundled with the highly efficient Neat Scanner software that utilizes a highly sophisticated deployment of OCR technology to accurately detect all the data on a card.

A very important feature of the Neat business card scanner software is its learning capability. The Neat scanner software works with you and learns from your regular usage. It will start recognizing patterns, common company codes and will also make fewer mistakes as time goes by.

The neat scanners are now Mac friendly and bring all the accuracy and usefulness to the Mac platform.
Neat business card scanners are available in a slim and small portable format for mobile scanning. You can also digitize the information on your cards and receipts with Neat Desk, which is a larger scanning system meant to sit on your desktop. The Desk can handle cards, receipts and even multipage documents. The intelligent system reads all useful information and stores it up as data on the computer, reducing your manual work and increasing your time.