Young cricket fans feel frustrated at the IPL shift

MYSORE: The Indian Premier League is a cricket tournament that sees players from all over the world participating. This year it was meant to be held in the country as usual but the dates of the tournament clashed with the general elections. This made the event’s organizers shift the venue to South Africa instead. The event will begin this weekend as scheduled but at the expense of disappointing a lot of cricket enthusiasts and supporters.

The month-long tournament is in its second season and it has already become quite popular. So the city’s youth were asked for their opinion on the situation. They responded quite vocally.
According to Rajan Nand (Student of Physical education in the University of Mysore), the IPL organizers have taken the wrong decision. They should’ve waited for the election to get over. He says that this would lead to more revenue loss for the country and that is important especially because of the recessive economy. He added that many Indian stadiums would’ve seen repairs if the IPL was held in India, which won’t happen now.

Karan Singh of UOM feels that this shift sends out a message of insecurity to the other counties. It shows that India is not sure of its internal security. He also said that the kind of crowd support and crowd volume that the players would enjoy here couldn’t be matched by South Africa, where the warm up match barely had spectators.

Ranganathan of UOM also feels that it would be a loss for the country’s economy. He says that many fans are upset at the difference in timings because it means that they will not be able to view the matches live, something that they had been looking forward to.

Ravi Verma of UOM feels that politicians are to be blamed because they are the ones who weren’t bothered about keeping the event in the country. He says that it reflects on the country’s future and feels certain that if the event had been profitable for the government, the politicians (who as per him care only for money) would’ve tried to keep it in the country.

Murlikrishnan of UOM feels that this shift has robbed the IPL of its charm because now the distance will make it feel like any other series that  is being held somewhere else. He feels saddened at the turn of events and wishes it could remain in the country.
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